… postscript

It seems amazing to me that even this day I have read Tyndale’s prologue to Paul’s epistle to Titus, part of which seems to sum up and, indeed, confirm much of what I have been trying to say: he says that ministers

‘ought to be… virtuous and learned, to preach and defend the gospel, and to confound the doctrine of trusting in works and men’s traditions, which ever fight against the faith and carry away the conscience captive from the freedom that is in Christ into the bondage of their own imaginations and inventions, as though those things should make a man good in the sight of God which are to no profit at all.’

Also his rendition of Jude 22,23 has latterly encouraged me as it sums up my heart’s desire in writing this treatise – the Lord knoweth:

‘And have compassion on some, separating them; and other save with fear, pulling them out of the fire, and hate the filthy vesture of the flesh.’



And so my burden is discharged.



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